10 Tips to improve smartphone performance in 2020

Smartphones are now one of the essentials in human life. So it’s important to take care of your phone if you want to use it for long time without slowing down. As your smartphone fill up with photos, videos and apps its starts to get slow down and due to high number of apps battery start to runs faster and performance of your android OS will start to slow down.

With just few changes and steps you are able to increase performance of your smartphone and your android become more efficient and longer lasting. These tips can be applied on any android phone you own.

Let’s have a look at some of the best ways to increase your device performance.


1. Update Your Android Phone

If you never update your android phone OS then do it right now. When you update your Android OS then you will get latest security patch, new features, an updated UI Skin and many bug fixes come with every update. This step ensures high performance, security and stability for your device. Updating process is depending on your device and operating system, but mostly it is easy to update your android.

10 Tips to improve smartphone Performace

2. Remove apps which no longer in use

Whenever you install app in your phone it’s consume some storage space and do some background processes. So the more storage space any app occupied the more background process run and your smartphone performance will reduce. Always try to install apps which you want to use regularly and uninstall apps you use hardly.

3. Update your phone’s app

Always update your smartphone apps installed from Google Playstore. Whenever you get notification for app update, don’t ignore it. Developers always try to fix bugs in app and add new features in latest version which improve your app performance. As a result your app will perform faster and harm less your smartphone.

5. Use external Memory Card (If option is available)

Smartphone with low internal memory has high chances that it will crash. If your smartphone have low memory you can get boost from high-capacity memory card to get large storage space. Today mostly smartphone in market have internal storage and did not provide external storage. But if you have option to extend your storage then you can get memory card up to 512 GB of storage. It not only add storage into your smartphone it also add speed for your device. Try to use Class 6 or Class 10 Memory card for your android device if you are looking for performance for your phone.

10 Tips to improve smartphone Performace

6. Extend Battery life of your smartphone

You know how its feel when your device battery goes down and you have no option to charge your phone instantly. Low or dying battery reduces productivity of your smartphone. If you want to make your phone battery last long, turn off your WI-FI and Bluetooth when you are not using it. Try to use power saving mode and close the background running apps. If you are travelling then carry a portable charger to charge battery.

7. Never Use Live Wallpapers

Many Android users love android live wallpapers. Today most of the smartphone in market come with live wallpaper feature. But I never prefer to use it in any smartphone. Because most live wallpapers need more back-end process (CPU cycles) to run which drain your battery fast.

8. Stop Syncing Smartphones

No matter sync is one of the great features which synchronizes your data on server. Its send you notification when ever get new email or any app update. But it consume android performance to refresh after every interval to get data What you can do is keep sync off for non essential services and sync only when you want to transfer data on server.

9. Clear Cache Data

Your apps store information in Cache which help them to boot more quickly and speed up your smartphone. Cache data make your smartphone quicker and increase performance. But it has also one negative impact if cache becomes overloaded. Sometime its store unwanted data in your device and make your smartphone loaded. So try to remove the cache for individual app which is not in use. For this navigate to App > Storage > Clear Cache.

10 Clear your home screen.

If your home screen fills up with apps, widgets and live wallpapers then you may have notice some delay when you do transitioning between screens. Mostly widgets which show news updates, social feeds and weathers consuming your smartphone memory which slow down your device. It will help little bit in increasing your smartphone performance.

So these are the 10 tips which I suggest you to follow to increase your smartphone performance. These tips help you to run your device smooth and faster during in use. Have any question or any other tip related to smartphone? Comment and share your thoughts.

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