Google Pixel 3 Appears When Perfection Meets Simplicity

Google Pixel 3 Smart Phone Best Android Mobile Phones

The flagship smartphones were once considered as the monopolistic entities because only a few brands were capable of launching these models. However, the trends are gradually changing because of the rising competition. Many companies are even launching smartphones with flagship processor on the price of mid-range Android devices.

They add glamorous pictures but most of them are not capable of attaining perfection. Only Google that introduces Android to the world knows how to optimally utilise all the potential of hardware and software by compiling together. Their most recent creation called Google pixel 3 is currently available in the market. It seems like any typical candy bar Android handset but the features will surely amaze you.

After abandoning the “Nexus” series, Google moved towards “Pixel”. As per the current reviews of active users, it was the right decision. If you are feeling any kind of confusion while choosing between Google pixel 3 and any other flagship Android handset, this article is going to help a lot. 

Powerful features that prove it as a leading player of the flagship android market 

Google Pixel 3 Smart Phone Best Android Mobile Phones

Display & camera resolution

This 5.5-inch candy bar handset easily fits in every hand and equipped with a full HD plus display. In 1440×2960 pixels resolution, you can play every kind of video whether it is high definition or 4K. On the rear side, you will find a finely optimised 12.2 megapixels camera which is much better than the companies offering 32 and 48 megapixels their cameras.

For selfie lovers, Google Pixel 3 equipped dual cameras on the front side with 8-megapixel resolution each. These intelligent cameras are capable of socializing your face influentially on the internet. It produces stunning images even in the low light. The picture quality exactly seems like a shot on a DSLR camera. 

Processing efficiency 

Google smartphones corporation equipped top notch 2.5Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor in this beast. The 64 bit secure & powerful processor of Snapdragon works blazing fast on10-nm LPP FinFET process technology. whether you are a serious gamer or want to capture videos in slow motion, this processor can handle all these extensive tasks much smoothly than all predecessors. The company compiled 4 GB of RAM with this processor to maintain a constant speed while multitasking. 

Storage Capacity 

As per the requirement of current times, the company is providing 64GB internal memory which is further expandable up to 64 GB with the help of SD card. For much higher data storage users, the company is also providing cloud storage to synchronise all the multimedia and official documents.

You may complain about the less inbuilt storage space as compared to other brands but Google decided this parameter wisely. They set a perfect combination between the processor, RAM and internal storage in order to provide you with the smoothest experience on Android devices. 

Distinctive recognition reasons 

This dynamically progressive company has added some outstanding features in Google pixel 3 that you cannot find anywhere else. There is no comparison of this Android device when it comes to the quality of low light images. In this in the secure cyber world, the company is providing Titan m security chip which is custom-built especially for pixel 3.

It is capable of securing your password and operating system much better than any other Android device available in the market. In addition to the technology advancement, you can also buy the new pixel stand smartly integrated with Google assistant for wireless charging. 

Some drawbacks

The company claims that it’s 2915 MAH lithium-ion battery is sufficient for a complete day. However, it must be at least 3500 MAH. Full body view who is another man picture which is lacking in this flagship-level handset. 

The Google Pixel 3 has a simple look but its features are nowhere less than the top-notch handsets of iPhone. It is currently running on Android pie operating system and soon going to attend the latest stable update of Q. After using just for once, you will surely fall in love with the legacy of pixel series. 


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