HRX Edition MI Band

MI band HRX band.

HRX Edition MI Band

MI band is one of the cool and useful bands which you can use with your android mobile phone. It is compatible with android phones 4.4 and devices above iOS 7.0.  This band improves its pedometer technology to remove unwanted movements to measures steps more accurately. Its alert sends a smooth buzz when you sit relaxed for long time and gives you reminder that it is time for a next walk.


MI hrx edition band

Count your time and steps

This band has an OLED display and touch panel which provide more information to you. With single touch of finger you can find details about distance you cover, time taken to cover the distance, how much body temperature you have and many more other useful details. Its smart technology display you the time easily when you raise your hand.

Setup your account

You can setup your account using your smart phone and unlock the device just with fingerprint. You can do call and messages and get vibrating alerts through the application even your phone is busy on that moment.

It’s waterproof

MI Band is fully waterproof. You can take shower or walk in rain without any worry when this MI Band is on your wrist. This band is secure according to IP67 protection level which makes this wrist band water and dust proof.

Lower Power Consumption

Its power saving technology allows you to use the tracker for the long time without any recharge. You can access the data with one touch of finger on the integrated OLED-display


Overall MI HRX edition band is one of the cool fitness trackers to buy. It has great battery life almost 20 days and new technology makes tracking more accurate. Build quality of this product is also awesome and have excellent finishing. Apart from this its vibration alert system gives you regular alert for do workout if you are n relax mode. Its OLED screen is visible in sunlight also. If your budget is below 1500 then you must go with MI Band HRX Edition.


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