ONEPLUS 7 PRO | Flagship Killer Gradually Turned Into Trend Setter

One plus 7 pro best android mobile phones best smartphpone

When OnePlus One released, nobody had an idea that this company is going to set new milestones that everyone else will follow. Right after the success of their first model, One Plus put all efforts in attaining cutting edge perfection from the perspective of hardware as well as software too. The heart of OnePlus 7 Pro is powered with the fastest ever processor currently available for smartphones. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the release of this beast & now it is hitting the smartphones market much harder than before. The company has finally introduced its curved over the edge display which is going to uplift your experience at a new level. Let’s explore its distinctive features to know why it has become the hottest selling android gadget of current times?

Speed Performance

With OnePlus, we always expect a flagship processor that gives outstanding performance and stay ahead among all competitors. The recently released OnePlus 7 Pro mobile is equipped with a Snapdragon 855 processor that has currently no other competitor in the market. For an effortless sleep powerful performance, the company has added a maximum of 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage space. these specifications are making it much faster than a good quality laptop. As compared to its predecessor 845, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor delivers 45% higher performance. apps opening, file downloading and data transfer has become up to 79% faster because of the UFS 3.0 storage technology. As per the performance, the Oneplus 7 Pro Price (INR 52,999) seems reasonable to an extent.


One plus 7 pro best android mobile phones smartphpone

Display & Camera Specifications

The OnePlus 7 Pro has a 6.67-inch fluid AMOLED display (the most advanced display ever equipped in a OnePlus handset). with 90-hertz refresh rate and QHD plus resolution, you will get an unbelievable smoothness and clarity even in slow motion video capturing. The edge to EDGE curved design provides an immersive viewing experience. Talking about the camera, it has an ultra wide-angle lens with 3x optical zoom to capture magnificent images in 48 megapixels resolution. The ultra wide-angle has increased the range of your photos by 48%. The optical zoom feature allows you to magnify the scene before capturing without causing any distortion to the pixels.

Distinctive Features

Oneplus is well known for its surprises that comprises of futuristic technology ideas. apart from its 12gb ram and super-fast processor, the company is providing a liquid cooling system technology for serious gamer. For an immersive experience of movies, music and games, you will get a powerful dual serious speaker and haptic vibration motor. Simply switch to the Fnatic mode if you want to avoid all distractions while immersing in gaming. Another interesting feature is its 16 megapixel pop up front camera. There is not any kind of notch to reduce your actual display size because of this hidden camera.

One plus 7 pro best android mobile phones

Battery & Data Storage Capacity

The company has maintained a balance between power and performance by equating 4000 MAH battery. The blazing wrap charge technology is capable of getting your device ready to go within just 20 minutes even without heating up like others. It is coming with the maximum storage capacity of 256 GB which is much beyond your regular extensive usage requirement.


Some drawbacks

All the OnePlus 7 Pro is currently leading in the flagship category smartphones, the redmi k20 pro is going to give it a tough challenge. As compared to the all previous models, this one is a bit expensive which will give price advantage to other competitors.

This information is enough for motivating you to buy OnePlus 7 Pro online. From the above information, it is clear that oneplus has successfully managed to gain a reliable customer base. This model comprises endless possibilities from the perspective of performance, entertainment and professional use. Hope its oxygen operating system will continuously keep on providing you the latest updates of stock Android.

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