Tips for take care of your smartphone

Smartphones are now important part of everyone’s daily life either to stay connected with your family or use at work for daily tasks like emails to clients or schedule important dates. For many of us it is difficult to stay away from smartphone. Your smartphone need care for a long life and here are 5 steps to take care of your smartphone. Any type of android smartphone you have, you can follow these steps to run your phone for long time.

     1. Extend your Smartphone Storage

It is one of the most important factors which effect performance of your smartphone. When your smartphone memory is full, then your smartphone will be slow, which is one of the worst feelings in a smartphone user. So you must take care of your storage. Here are few steps to boost storage of your smartphone :-

Smartphone External Storage

  1. Remove Unwanted Apps from your smartphone, your smartphone is smart enough to tell you that which app you are not using for long time (my smartphone can tell me this) so listen to it if you are not using any app from last one month remove it from your phone. It is consuming your storage and battery of your phone.
  2. Remove junk files from your smartphone. These junk files also take space in your smartphone. Use inbuilt phone scanner to remove junk or install any one from PlayStore
  3. Use External Storage for extra space. If your smartphone have option to use SD Card then use it and install apps in the SD Card. It will free internal storage in your smartphone and you can improve performance of smartphone

      2. Clear Cache of Smartphone

Cache in phone is the files store temporary in the form of media, images and scripts by the apps your install or websites you open in your phone. So whenever you run an application or install any new application some cache files store in your phone. These cache files also take space in your phone. You must have clear these cache files time to time to improve your smartphone performance.

     3. Update your applications regular

Every smartphone have few apps which installed by the manufacturer and few apps you installed from the PlayStore. More you install apps more it’s consume battery so it is important uninstall or deactivate apps which you are not using. The apps you are already using update it regular whenever you receive update notifications. Developers of apps add latest feature to improve application functionality which can improve your phone health also.

     4. Buy a Case for your smartphone

It’s really hurt whenever smartphone drop and your screen got some cracks on it. Sometime it’s hurt your wallet too. So buy a case for your phone to protect for this type of accidental fall. There are lots of designer cases to use for phones and they design to protect your device against anything. I know these cases make your phone heavier but it is for security of your phone. Otherwise there are slim and lighter cases are in market also you can use that too for your smartphone

   5. Smartphone Screen Protection

If we talk about screen of your phone there is some smartphone manufacturer who made tough screen for devices and chances are they may not need any type of screen protection. But screen protector makes your screen together while drop. Apart from that they protect screen from any type scratch. So always buy screen protector for your screen to secure.

smartphone tips for care

There is lots of advice on internet to protect your smartphone and no doubt they are also best practice to secure your smartphone. The above 5 steps make your smartphone run for long time and worth your investment in a smartphone. Last tips lock your screen with pin, pattern or password and always install security app in your smartphone.

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